So who is this Michael Knorr? Well I'm the Michael Knorr that currently works at That Company. Yes, That Company We're a full service Advertising Agency with a strong Internet Marketing core. So what do I do for the company? I've worked in our PPC Department, our Sales Department, and now I've developed our Social Media Marketing Department. My official title is "social media marketing director". I direct the work on many social media campaigns spanning numerous vertical markets as well as develop the underlying strategy behind each campaign. If you are interested in Social Media Marketing (SMM) and the multitude of platform and opportunities you can take advantage of then feel free to visit my contact page and send me a message on Twitter or Facebook. I'm always excited by a challenge, and with each campaign I take on I find a new challenge that keeps me interested. There is no one fix all solution for a social media campaign. Innovation is key!

Who is Michael Knorr?

michael knorr

Hi, I'm Michael Knorr. I'm the social media marketing director for That Company. This is my personal website, where I share my various opinions regarding the innovations and progress of social media marketing and other related tech. If you're an early adopter then you'll love my blog. Welcome and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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